Pilates on the Ball

1. Why Do Pilates at All?
2. What is a Stability Ball?
3. Why use a Stability Ball?


1. Why do Pilates at all?

Read here about the benefits of Pilates

2. What is a Stability Ball?

The Stability Ball, also known as Swiss Ball, was actually invented by an Italian toymaker, Aquilino Cosani, in the 1960s. Stability balls were then used in hospitals and clinics throughout Europe. At this time they were called 'Gymnastik balls' but the term 'Swiss balls' was later adopted because Americans first saw them used by Swiss physical therapists in their clinics. I would like to rectify this mistake and will therefore refer to them as stability balls instead.

3. Why use a Stability Ball?

The use of the Stability Ball is a method of increasing the neural challenge.

The Stability Ball offers the challenge (nearly) of working on an unstable surface; once a moderate degree of control exists in the core musculature.

Pilates on the Ball is an intermediate to advanced option. For the beginner or those with an injury that is in early rehabilitation, particularly without an instructor being present, the Stability Ball can offer too much challenge; and further injury is possible if performing an exercise that is too advanced for the current level of stability.

Source: "Warm Up for the Spine" - see References below


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